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电气化是the largest disruptor that has occurred to the automotive industry in decades. Environmental concerns are fueling vehicle electrification; switching from gasoline to electricity is a vital solution for reducing emissions to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. eMobility promises a new era for transportation. To develop your optimal EV faster, Hexagon provides not only the technologies in terms of software and tools, but also the expertise for designing world-class electric vehicles. We’re proud to say that over 70% of the EVs on the market have been enhanced with the help of Hexagon tools and services over the past 15 years.

ePowertrain Engineering

From solving engineering issues like reducing gear whine noise, improving drivetrain efficiency, enhancing electric motor cooling, all the way to delivering turnkey ePowertrain designs to EV start-ups, Hexagon offers the most comprehensive ePowertrain solutions in the industry for you to develop the world-leading electric vehicles.
EV Battery Manufacturing

The battery affects the efficiency of an EV and is key to the safety of its passengers. To help OEMs take total control of the entire product quality lifecycle, Hexagon is committed to both software and hardware technologies to connect the dots between engineering, manufacturing, and quality control.
System Dynamics for eMobility

The shift to electric opens up new opportunities and challenges for vehicle dynamics optimization. Electric vehicle development requires interactions between additional integrated sub-systems (battery pack, power electronics, electric drive, etc.) to be understood and optimized. Adams Car allows users to create complete virtual vehicle prototypes of electric vehicles.