Zombies Must be Coming – Walmart Now Selling AR15 Rifles

Never thought I’d see the day when Wal-Mart would be selling the evil black AR15 rifles but hey, since everyone is now concerned about the Zombie apocalypse, even the average Joe needs decent stick with which to fight off the horde. Of course when I first heard of this, I immediately thought it’d be some camoed out version that Remington was selling that was “kinder and gentler” and less scary thus more appealing to the FUDD masses. But no! As the pic shows, there’s the black rifle in all it’s glory to include  the dreaded evil features of a bayonet lug and collapsible stock that of course make the inanimate object a more efficient killing machine in and of itself.

Mark it down as fact that we’re winning for sure when the world’s largest retailer goes from a move to exit the firearms side of the business to doubling down by bringing in AR type long guns.

  1. KeithKeith10-17-2011

    Save money… Live better… At $627 I would say Walmart is your trusted low price leader!

  2. ChrisChris10-17-2011

    Thanks for the heads-up! It would be scary to see some of the “people of walmart” toting these guns around.

  3. KyleKyle11-08-2011

    I’d say that the $627 you see there is for the Mini-14 beside it, not the AR itself.

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