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At Best Defense we believe that chance favors the prepared mind so the focus is on all aspects of personal and professional security. From physical asset protection to personal safety, we offer engagements with subject matter experts that will tailor our offerings & education based on an assessment of your needs, however diverse they may be. Our services have been developed for and available to both public and private parties as well as to the law enforcement community.

Why is there a need to build your Best Defense? Well it’s because we live in the greatest country in the world and are afforded a vast amount of freedoms and with these great endowments come the risk associated with a certain element in our society that has chosen to prey upon their fellow whenever afforded the opportunity. We read about it or see it on the news every day it seems. Someone’s home is burglarized, a jogger is accosted, homes are invaded, and people are mugged. Rape, murder and abduction are now common words used on the nightly news. It often occurs to us that we’re seeing an escalation of this even across areas that once were deemed safe parts of our cities, towns and neighborhoods.

So who carries that burden of responsibility for protecting one’s self and family from these risks? If you thought law enforcement, you’d have answered in a way that similar to most but like many before you, it would unfortunately be quite wrong. In most cases by the time the cavalry arrives, whatever event had them called out to the scene has already occurred and is over and done with.

While the event seemingly happens in a blink of an eye, lives are now impacted with traumatic experiences that can take years to recover from if at all.

Based on statistics and personal experiences, it can be said that incidents take place so fast that very few people are prepared. Why? Perhaps it’s because we generally lack the real situational awareness that could play to our advantage and help guard us against being victims. Perhaps it’s because we’ve not come to realize who really has the responsibility for our personal safety & protection. When you net it all out, you and yours are the only parties responsible for the personal safety & protection of you and yours.

Best Defense has partnerships and agreements in place with several private and commercial facilities that are local to the areas we serve. This allows us to the flexibility to use various locations for course delivery. From high tech equipped upscale classrooms & indoor shooting ranges to dedicated use private outdoor shooting ranges, we can determine what’s necessary based the course content and map it to a facility that’s most conducive to your individual or group’s abilities and learning experience.