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Buying Frenzy Result: Unobtainium Ammo & AR’s

Folks, we are in the midst of a perfect storm that’s making it hard to find those AR style semi rifles we’ve grown to like so much. In addition it’s darn near impossible to to find ammo to practice with. This graph comes from an article in Guns and Ammo on the very same topic.

I consider myself to be a gun nerd. Yep, completely immersed in the firearms culture and have been for many years now. While I’m not as bad as the savant-like mouth breather that would look at a 30 year old sniper rifle and quote chapter and verse on the various permutations of scope turret cap development, I do consider myself a somewhat reasonably knowledgeable individual (RKI) when it comes to trends in the industry.

That said, I’ve lived through several ups and downs in the market having seen fluctuations in supply and demand over the past 25 years or so. What we’ve seen in the last 3 months however I have NEVER seen. I briefly looked online right after the election results came in back in November thinking that perhaps I should order a few more rounds and/or parts but after checking inventory levels, I decided there was no rush and I went to sleep. That very next morning what I found when I looked again what I found was that everyone was out of stock. On everything. This lasted but a few weeks and started to show signs of any rush to calm down when the unthinkable occurred.

Some disturbed & deranged person goes on a murderous rampage in Sandy Hook CT and immediately afterward the executive branch started making serious noise about executive orders, gun control and further restrictions on firearms in the US. Of course now we live in a 24-hour real-time information cycle so we’re’ instantly getting reporting and the news networks are feasting on the sensationalized tragedy.

Well over a month later and I have clients coming to NRA Basic Pistol Classes with $35 a box (of 25rds) personal defense ammunition instead of FMJ because they can’t find anything else at the stores. Excuse me??? .223 rifle ammo? Forgetaboutit!  I’m making recommendations to go all .22lr for training purposes and now we can’t even source a decent amount of .22lr in any quantity without 8-12 weeks of lead time and a 3X variable in price to the consumer.

Hang tight, conserve your round counts and train smart folks. I’ve always said that dry fire practice, (of course with unloaded guns), not too hard to assure that these days :P), is a great way to continue fundamentals & tactics training. Now is the time to think hard about incorporating the use of radical alternatives like full-scale size & weight air-soft models, laser training guns like that the Next Level Training SIRT etc. into your training regimen. Best Defense LLC uses all of the above and is considering specific courses based on the use of these types of alternatives.

We’re in this for the long haul and you never know it is that you’ll actually NEED that ammo…



Best Defense Classes offered:
* NRA Basic Pistol Course
* NRA Personal Protection inside the Home
* NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home
* See Calendar for Class Dates
* Sign up for Classes

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