Advanced Pistol Dynamics

You’ve taken basic fundamentals and want something a bit more dynamic?  Now learn from the Best Defense cadre as they take you through a pistol workshop that will improve your skills, speed and accuracy not to mention raise your heart rate.

This course is for those familiar & experienced with the pistol and is designed to take the shooter through a series of advanced drills and skill enhancing practicals using realistic scenarios with reactive targets and equipment.

During the course of this workshop we’ll focus on:

  • Holster Drills
  • Shooting From Cover
  • Engaging Multiple Targets
  • Shooting on the Move
  • Shoot/No Shoot Scenarios
  • Walking Drills
  • Shooting in a Team Dynamic
  • Reactive Shooting at the Rushing Attacker
  • Active Shooter / Seated @ Work
  • Carjacking / Shooting from within Vehicle



Whether you’re an operator, competitor or enthusiast; Best Defense brings the challenges home so you can participate and improve your pistol dynamics.

 This course is taught on an ongoing basis for individuals and small groups.

Course Cost is $350 per student, range fees included and the number of students is limited.

The load out for this course requires:

  1. A double or single action (semi) pistol of any caliber 9mm and above along with 3 magazines.
  2. 500 rounds of ball or round nose ammunition (no hollow-points as they do odd things on steel reactive targets)
  3. A belt mounted strong side holster and magazine holder(s)
  4. Eye and ear protection.
  5. A ball styled cap or hat.

This is an advanced course thus all shooters should have an intermediate functioning knowledge of the pistol platform brought to the course (load/unload/reload, controls & clearing of malfunctions, sight alignment / picture & trigger control and above all: range safety.

Registration is limited. Use the following to book your student slot for this course:

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