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The cadre at Best Defense is made up of subject matter specialists that have been assembled to form a group of consultants highly proficient in their particular disciplines, whether it’s firearms training, personal defense or home & commercial security.

We have several core instructors along with adjunct personnel with a wide variety of certifications and experience. These include active Georgia based sworn law enforcement officers, current & active military & emergency medical service personnel as well as individual security specialists that focus on physical and hard asset protection.

We have been appointed as an NRA Training Counselor and offer NRA Instructor Courses for several disciplines. If you’re interested in instructor certifications, please contact us for pre-screening & evaluation and for information related to those certification courses.

We see the value of the time and effort spent to educate ourselves on how best to identify threats to our personal safety and respond in kind. Sometimes it’s an immediate aggressive response that will save the day, sometimes it’s feigned compliance ploy that allows for quick planning and search for a weakness that can be exploited, ending the incident just the same. In either case, it’s that well thought out good offense plan that more often than not will act as your best defense.

At Best Defense our goal is to deliver quality instruction and personal attention that will enable and prepare you to mount the best possible defense. Our standards are set very high and we demand nothing less than total professionalism from ourselves. It shows in our preparation for any interaction, whether it’s a new customer or a client who trusts us enough with their repeat business. We’ve learned that both form and substance are equally critical to convey content and earn that trust. That’s why you’ll see that from appearance to vocabulary, course content & deliverables; everything is constantly being critiqued for improvement to assure the best customer experience. Our personnel generally take or attend 6 or more individual training courses or instructor workshops annually. It’s only through these investments in ourselves do we feel we are positioned to pass along the best tactics and training to our clientele.

We understand that our clientele is often very diverse and we strive to eliminate any safety concerns, cultural barriers, language, mannerisms, boasting and/or etiquette issues from becoming training scars and hindrances to your learning curve. Our time together is not about the instructor and what he or she has done but rather about you and what we can help you achieve. It takes a concerted effort over time to earn your business and trust and we’re very mindful that it could be lost if we’re not keeping that top of mind. The attention to these details is what sets Best Defense apart from the certificate mills and differentiates us from the competition.

Best Defense is strictly a services based firm and does not sell or offer firearms related products. This allows us to be neutral on topics like firearms equipment, personal gear or accessories. If it works and is worth the money, you’ll see it in use with us. You want the straight scoop on something to purchase? Chances are we’ve already tested it and determined what the break point was and how reliable or valuable it is.

Thank you for your interest in Best Defense. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.
J.Clapp/ Principal/Instructor



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